Hey guys. Uh, I'm really bad at writing these things, so bare with me. My name is Jordan and I'm fifteen. I'm currently living in Pennsylvania.. I'm addicted to pepsi and I really love cats.

J'espère que vous apprécierez! <3


The best kind of alcohol is a lot.

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i am too young to have this many embarrassing memories

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stop hating on girls who wanna kiss people in museums or aquariums or art galleries stop hating on girls who want things that might be cliche stop hating on girls who want boys to treat them like they’re magic i will protect all girls with my life and just because they care about things that you don’t doesn’t give you the right to belittle them ok i will fight u

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I hope when you die you get to see your stats like how many times you laughed or told a lie or kissed or how many people loved you and how many people hated you and what you meant to people

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if you’re protective and tall and sweet and cute and smell good and give good hugs then i want to date you 

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i’m so afraid of marriage like what if you marry someone and like have kids with them and then they decide they don’t love you anymore or something idk man but that shit is scary

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"You’re really good at not letting people love you."
Unknown  (via terrible)

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